About us

All Energy Solutions specialise in Solar Grid Protection Units (also known as Network or Central Protection Units)  and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations. We also run an accredited program for Electric Vehicle Installers.

AES are Electricians, Electrical Engineers, Air Conditioning Technicians, and Renewable Energy Designers - All Energy Solutions has a combined experience of 100 years in the Electrical, Off Grid and Renewable Energy fields. We are all about smart energy solutions.

We have six staff with a variety of interests, but we all have one common goal - to encourage and advise our clients how to transition to a low carbon future without forgoing the important benefits of energy availability and security. 

All our staff have Education qualifications, and we emphasise the importance of training our clients in the use of the technology we work with; we don't just install and go, but educate and mentor in the use of the equipment we install.

Based in Albury, we have worked in every State and Territory in Australia and overseas, but we love northeast Victoria and southern NSW as we have a commitment to our region. Come and visit sometime!

Bill Gammon

Electrician - Manager

Jo Hammond

Administration Manager

Neil Beveridge

Operations Manager

Additional resources

Aside from being passionate about renewables. We also believe that education is the best way to ensure safe, clean and professional standards. All Energy Solutions sister company SkillBuild is Australia's largest renewable energy training provider. All our staff are qualified trainers and teach as well as install, ensuring that both skill and knowledge are current. See skillbuild.edu.au 
NSW 324258C
VIC – REC 28358
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