Central Protection

Are you compliant?

Are you compliant with AS4777.1 (3.4.4), having technical issues and lack of support for your zero export control and central protections for above 30kW solar systems?

Well you have come to the right place –  talk to our leader in solar control systems for a custom, economical solution which is easy to install and program with excellent technical support.

We design and manufacture custom made control boards including network protection and zero export on commercial solar systems throughout Australia.

Our Central Protection Units are designed and manufactured by CEC accredited installers who “talks the same language” making it easy.

Solar Central (secondary) Protection systems and export control with easy installation.



Under and Over

Under and Over


Are you protected?

Our systems can include online monitoring and email alarms ensure that your solar system is operating to its full capacity perfect for PPA systems. We specialise in custom made central protection systems below and above 100kW including LGC metering with built in approved meter and CT’s to ensure your customer gets full LGC payment.


  • Certified secondary protection relay
  • Proven electrical components
  • Easy installation and wiring with accessories included
  • Designed and manufactured by a CEC solar installer

Control Systems - Central Protection Units

  • We engineer, design, manufacture, commission and program control systems for renewable energy power generation projects especially commercial solar PV.
  • We cater for customers requirements and meet the DNSPs approvals with an un-beatable customer focus.
  • We are experienced in AutoCad design, control panel wiring, onsite commissioning, and programming.
  • We have extensive expertise in engineering control systems for solar inverter manufacturers especially SMA, Fronius, ABB, Schneider, Victron, and more. We program in the SunSpec Modbus protocol which is compatible with many leading brand solar inverters.
  • Solar secondary protection or central protections and zero export control are our specialty with simple design control panels designed and manufactured by a CEC Accredited Installer.
  • We are not new to this, in fact our experience goes back to 2011 when commercial solar over 30kW became possible for clients.

We Provide

  • witness testing
  • secondary injection testing
  • power analysing
  • DNSP applications
  • Single line diagrams
  • design of commercial solar systems above 30kW.