Skillbuild Electric Vehicle Charging Accreditation Scheme

Australia lacks any training in EV charging. Skillbuild are offering a scheme to our students after running these courses for 3 years.
We own two EVs - the third (a Tesla 3) - is on it’s way, and we are converting a vehicle to be all electric. We have Engineers, electricians and an auto mechanic on staff.
Our Accreditation Scheme:

  • Pay $1400 + gst and receive a kit – a Tesla EV charger, AC isolator and RCBO delivered to you
  • Participate in a two hour Zoom EV charger seminar
  • Complete some assessment on line which should take two hours
  • Install the EV charger that you have bought as a Case Study and send us photos etc
  • You can then use the EV Accredited logo that we are developing and receive free news and technical advice – no ongoing fees like the CEC model
  • We are trying to organise work with car dealerships, Tesla and the public, who would be referred to our Installer list

 Interested? Email - [email protected]

NSW 324258C
VIC – REC 28358
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